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Siks Haedo was born in 2013.

Siks Haedo's musical world is the result of a need for emotional expression, a search for personal sound and a variety of inspirations ranging from jazz to classical and African music.

These influences are reflected in his style of composition. They are reflected in simple and singing lyrical melodies, modern harmonies, improvised passages and rhythmic variations, displacements and modulations.

Its conception began in Madrid a year earlier with the beginning of the work of composing the repertoire. The prospect of a change of life via the installation in Paris gives rise to many inspirations in Diego Lipnizky.

The instrumentation of this project quickly became essential in the form of a sextet:

Diego Lipnizky - guitar and compositions
Olivier Bridot - trumpet/bûgle

Hugo Afettouche - saxophone alto
François Faure - piano
Laurent Salzard - bass
Paulino Noriega - drums

Only after 2 years, SIKS HAEDO managed to convince the public and show business professionals with its first album "Influencias" during the 15th edition of the Festival de Jazz de Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

This recognition confirms the guitarist's commitment to producing a second album "Ready to travel" in the colours of the metropolitan diversity that is the city of Paris. An eclectic journey from jazz to classical music and African music, Siks Haedo has already been programmed several times at Sunset/Sunside, Baiser Salé, Caveau des Oubliettes, Les disquaires and Le Royal Est Music Club.

Selected to participate in the JazzEñe 2015 Workshop in Valencia (Spain) in September 2015.

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