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In 2014, the American singer-songwriter Madafi Pierre arrives in Switzerland from New York and meets the producer/rapper Roberto «Roccobelly» Garieri.

Ideas and melodies are exchanged and together they create a music that has a touch of electropop, pinches of soul and new wave, with a huge electrofunk ladle. Their first single «SuperWomanHumanAlien» was released in 2015 and is still on the playlist of two Swiss national radio stations, RSR: La Première and Couleur 3.

The following year, MADDAM recorded the album «MIND TWERKING» with the sound engineer Thomas Gloor from «AKA Studio» in Lausanne. In spring 2017, Roccobelly leaves the duo and Davide «Dave Lefunk» Di Spirito, multi-instrumentalist and producer, joins Madafi to become the new MADDAM.

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